LED fashion show

Brilliant Showstopping Attire

At Enlighted Designs, we create premium bespoke lighted clothing, costumes, and accessories. Every detail in our work is customizable, and all pieces are handmade in our Southern California studio.

For People Who Dress to Impress

We cater to professional entertainers and private clients who seek personalized, one-of-a-kind designs. Our LED-enhanced wearables ensure you stand out, whether dazzling audiences from a stage or lighting up the dance floor.

Impeccable Quality

Are you ready for your closeup? We specialize in concealing the electronics so your clothes look amazing even before the magical lighting effects are revealed. Our exquisite stitching, soldering, and LED artistry will help you shine when it matters most.

Unmatched Expertise

With decades of experience, we are trusted seasoned professionals recognized as leading trailblazers in the field of artistic wearable lighting. We transform your wildest fashion fantasies into stunning, glowing realities. Our garments are durable, reliable, safe, comfortable, easy to use, and always shipped on time. We also offer creative solutions to fit a range of budgets.

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